Building Automation System Integrator Components

BasicA corporation may want to allow tenant to have access to the premise after regular office hours and in return should give the tenant the ability to turn ON/OFF lights, HVAC, etc. In order to achieve that, some infrastructure should be in place.

Energie Design is having a solution for this which consist of a set of modules bounded to the core application "BASIC Management". You can review and get extended information to all modules by clicking HERE.

The "BASIC Solution" is a layer seating on the top of your utility application. With specific add-in, the "BASIC Solution" will communicate transparently to back-end legacy BAS (Building Automation System).

"BASIC" is module based so, client can meet their need with budget control.

Save Energy Cost

  • Give control to your tenants to activate their lights/HVAC after hours using simple tools
  • Minimize consumption in Real-Time during peak energy price using automated load balancing
  • Basic Invoicing

    Increase Revenues

  • Generate billing for actual energy consumption per tenant
  • BASIC Solution Features

  • Multi-channel entries convergeance
  • Real-Time activity log
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Building occupency management
  • Customized tenant billing
  • Basic Monitoring

    Corporate image re-inforcement

  • Re-inforce your corporate image in a more ECO way by using Energie Design tools. Those tools are specialy designed with one idea in mind,
  • Smart Way 2 GreenĀ®

    To learn more on the "BASIC Solution" click HERE.